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Remote I/O for motion control using APAX or ADAM-5560 PAC controllers
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7-Slot PC-based Controller
  1. Integrated VGA port for local display of HMI software
  2. Can be operated with or without display/ keyboard/ mouse
  3. Remote monitoring through Web Server
  4. Remote maintenance via FTP Server
  5. Supports .NET class library in Windows CE
  6. Supports IEC-61131-3 SoftLogic Control Software
  7. Supports Modbus/RTU (Master/Slave) and Modbus/TCP (Server/Client)


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CIRCUIT MODULE, 4/8-ch High Speed Counter Module
  1. Supports multiple operating modes: (1) Up mode (2) Up/Down mode (3) Pulse/Direction mode (4) A/B Phase mode (5) Frequency mode
  2. 4 or 8 counter channels depends on operating modes
  3. 32-bit counter range with 1 bit overflow/underflow
  4. 1 MHz counter frequency
  5. 4 digital input channels with counter gate functionality
  6. 4 digital output channels with counter alarm output functionality
  7. Over voltage, short circuit and thermal protection design
  8. 2500 VDC isolation protection (between channels and backplane)


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