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Patient Infotainment

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    Point of Care Medically Certified Computers

The Point of Care (POC) computers features true-flat screen and fanless design built with isolated I/O COM & LAN ports. They are ideal for operation and patient room applications or integrated into medical carts. Also available in widescreen.

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    Patient Infotainment Terminals

The PIT-1702 is a fanless true flat touchscreen with built in RFID/WIFI/Smart card reader and includes emergency key + 2 indicators. Ideal for bedside applications.

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    Healthcare Infotainment Terminals

The powerful Healthcare Infotainment Terminal (HIT) enhances service, efficiency, and data accuracy in all applications. The ability to provide gaming and entertainment makes the HIT an all-in-one solution.

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    Medical Carts
    Computerized Medical Cart       Non-Computerized Medical Cart
    Optional Display:       Optional Display:
    21.5" Full HD Monitor with VGA/DVI-D
    18.5" All-in-One Medical Computer
    21.5" All-in-One Medical Computer
This highly-integrated medical cart for mobile health care solutions is built with Intel® Core™ i7 processor. With its innovative features and ergonomic design, the AMiS cart can be utilized in many different applications.   This bare bone model features the same highly integrated design without the processor. This medical cart is perfect for those that already have existing PC system in place. Or configure with our all-in-one medical computer for a complete solution.
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