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ECU-1051TL-R10AAE HOTTenDayFastDelivery
A8 600MHz,2xLAN,2xCOM,Dual SIM slots w/EdgeLink
  1. TI Cortex A8 600MHz CPU with DDR3L 256MB RAM
  2. Support web service for remotely on-line monitoring
  3. Firmware update by SD card and online update
  4. Data logger on SD card
  5. Support dual SIM slots for communication redundant
  6. Support MQTT Client for cloud communication
  7. Wide Operating temperature: -40 ~ 70°C
  8. No RED Certification


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Unified Threat Management Total Solutions (1Y License Included)
  1. The highest performance product among desktop-level UTM
  2. Compact Size and Fan-less design
  3. Collaborate with world-class security engine
  4. User friendly WebGUI supported by quick-start wizard
  5. Technical supported and SW update via cloud management system


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