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Advantech Digital Video platforms allow easy integration of cameras, video signal processing, storage server, and video management/security software without compromising scalability and expandability. They feature a flexible, open architecture, and are ideal for mission critical applications such as in the factory, vehicle, police station, vehicle dispatch center, building control, and more.
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4-Channel PCI Video Capture Card with SDI
  1. 4-channel composite video inputs with H.264/MPEG4 software compression
  2. 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL) at full D1 resolution for recording and display
  3. Stackable up to 4 cards, 16 channels in total per PC
  4. PCI v3.0 ~v2.2 compatible host interface
  5. Supports Watchdog function
  6. Windows/Linux OS supported
  7. Free bundled recording & CMS software


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4-Channel Full HD PCIe Video Compression Card with SDK
  1. 4-channel HDMI video inputs with H.264/MPEG4 software compression
  2. 30/25 fps (NTSC/PAL) at up to 1920 x 1080p resolution for recording and display for each channel
  3. PCIe x4 host interface
  4. Supports Watchdog function
  5. Windows/Linux OS supported


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4-port PCI Express GbE PoE Communication Card
  1. Intel® GbE Mac Controller
  2. PCI Express® x4 compliant
  3. Supports 2 or 4 Gigabit Ethernet MAC Controller and PHY ports
  4. Supports 12 VDC AT/ATX input power boost up to 15.4 watts at 48 VDC per PoE port
  5. Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), IEEE 802.3af compliant
  6. Powered Device (PD) auto detection and classification
  7. Supports IEEE 802.3u Auto-Negotiation
  8. 2.25 KV isolation protection on LAN ports and power


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Industrial PCI Graphics Card with Low Power Consumption
  1. Industrial graphics card with long-term support
  2. 32 MB DDR2 SDRAM
  3. Supports mirror mode dual display
  4. Supports VGA and DVI outputs


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PCIe x4 w/ 8x Intel Movidius X AI module
  1. Four/Eight Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU onboard
  2. Hardware acceleration for common deep neural networks
  3. Scalable for multiple video streams edge inference
  4. 10 times the performance compared to the previous generation
  5. Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit for inference performance optimization
  6. Edge AI Suite with GUI for quick evaluation


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1-Channel High-Speed USB Video Capture Module with SDK
  1. High-speed USB 2.0 interface Video Capture Module
  2. 1-channel composite video input with H.264 hardware compression
  3. 1 analog video input and 1 stereo audio input
  4. Supports PCM/G.711 hardware audio compression
  5. 30/25 fps (NTSC/PAL) at full D1 resolution for recording
  6. SDK with VC++ sample codes included via download


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CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-ch MPEG-4 Video Card w/ SDK
  1. 16 channel composite inputs with MPEG-4 compression
  2. Able to mix DVP-7010BE with DVP-7020BE card stacks for up to 24 channels per PC
  3. 30/25 fps (NTSC/PAL) or 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL) at D1 resolution for recording and display
  4. Conexant fusion 878A video capture chips on board
  5. Support ADAM-4055 8DI/8DO Module
  6. SDK supports Windows® XP/XPe/Windows 2000 with VC++ sample codes
  7. Supports Watchdog funtion


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