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PCIe Adapter Cards

PCI Express adapter cards and intelligent network interface cards (NICs) enable high bandwidth LAN access and acceleration paths to integrate into high performance servers and network appliances. With Intel architecture onboard, the adapter cards are designed for an excellent price/performance value for enterprise and datacenter uses.
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CIRCUIT BOARD, 4-ports 1G copper bypass NIC w Intel I350-AM4
  1. 1 x Intel® Ethernet Controller I350-AM4
  2. 4 x ports GbE RJ45
  3. PCIe gen. 2 x4
  4. Supports SR-IOV based virtualization
  5. Low profile and full height form factors
  6. Advanced LAN bypass


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Quad Port Copper Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express Server Adapter with Intel® I350
  1. Advanced LAN bypass
  2. Low profile and full height form factors
  3. Supports SR-IOV based virtualization
  4. PCIE Gen2 host interface
  5. 4 x ports GbE Copper
  6. 1xi350-AM4 GbE controller


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