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Multi-Display Players

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Value Digital Signage Platform
  1. Intel® Atom™ processor N270 1.6 GHz and System Controller Hub 945GSE
  2. Supports HD up to 720P; optional support up to 1080P with add-on HD decoding module
  3. Dual display of HDMI and VGA
  4. Built-in Mini PCIe slot for easy expansion e.g. WiFi
  5. Supports 4 x USB 2.0 (Internal 2 x USB 2.0), 1 x COM
  6. Supports VESA mounting
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Advanced (ION2 based) Graphics Digital Signage Platform
  1. Integrated NVIDIA GT218 (ION2) graphic module for Full HD playback
  2. Rich video I/O combination supports dual display (eg: 2 x VGA, VGA + HDMI, HDMI + DVI, VGA+DVI)
  3. Embedded Intel® Atom™ D525 dual-core (fan) or Intel® Atom™ N455 single-core process (fanless)
  4. Compact, low-profile design for easy installation
  5. Highly expandable via internal Mini PCIe interface (eg: WLAN, 3G or TV tuner)
  6. RS-232 and DIO ports convenient for system integration and a
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