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Advantech Serial Communications provides a variety of solutions including Serial Repeaters, Serial Converters, USB Serial Converters and USB Hubs to connect and communicate with devices in legacy conveyor systems, laboratory equipment, security equipment and more. In addition, USB Serial Converters allow new laptops to communicate safely with serial devices via the USB port. Built-in isolation prevents ground loops and electrical transients from damaging laptops and computers.


    Industrial Certifications
3-way Isolation
DIN Rail
Wide Operating
  • Extend/double the data communication range of serial devices
  • Data range extension and protection at economical pricing
  • 2 kV isolation against transients, surges, ground loops
  • 115.2 kbps data rate
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Industrial Certifications (C1D2, NEMA TS2)
  • Automatic Send Data Control for easy setup; no software or drivers
  • Modbus protocol support
Price More Info
232OPDR Rs. 13,525   
485OPDR Rs. 13,525   
485OPDRI Rs.15,580   

  • RS-232 to 485 protocol conversion
  • 115.2 kbps data rate; extends data up to 1.2 km (4k ft)
  • Easy, in-line installation
  • Port powered from RS-232 handshake lines - power supply not required
  • Automatic Send Data Control for easy setup; no software or drivers
  • Compact size fits anywhere – ideal for field service

Only for 485LDRC9, 485DRCI

  • Wide range DC input power
  • 2 kV isolation against transients, surges, ground loops
  • Wide operating temperature range for harsh environments
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Modbus protocol support (Allen-Bradley DH-485 Model 485DRCI only)
  • Industrial Certifications(C1D2, NEMA TS2)
  • Terminal blocks for easy wiring in control panel
Price More Info
485LDRC9 Rs.10,144   
485DRCI Rs.13,525   
485SD9TB Rs.5,105   
485SD9R Rs.5,105   

  • Serial--USB protocol conversion
  • 2 kV isolation – protection from power surges, spikes
  • 460.8 kbps data rate
  • Easy, in-line installation
  • Port powered – no separate power supply required
  • USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 compatible
  • Pocket size – goes with you to the lab, factory floor or field call
Price More Info
USO9ML2 Rs.8,751   
USOPTL4 Rs.8,089   
USOPTL4DR Rs.9,415   

  • Expands one USB port into [4 or 7] USB ports
  • 4 kV between upstream and downstream ports protects data and equipment
  • 12 Mbps data rate capable
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40 to +85 C),(BB-UHR304, BB-UHR307)
  • Desk or panel mount options
  • High retention USB ports for connections that will not shake loose
  • Industrial Certifications – tested and qualified for harsh environments
Price More Info
USH207 US$289   
UHR304 Rs.20,288   
UHR307 Rs.23,735   
  ? Free 5-year warranty for all industrial communication products
? Lifetime sales support
? Highly qualified application support engineers

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