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TREK Touchscreen Displays are ideal for in-vehicle computer system. These rugged vehicle displays include programmable function keys and intelligent power features for trucks, buses and taxis. - Shop Complete Vehicle
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7" LCD Smart Vehicle Display
  1. Designed as the compatible display with TREK-500/600 series vehicle computing systems
  2. 7” display with touchscreen supports both 480 x 234 & 800 x 480 resolutions for different LCD panels
  3. -30 to 70C wide range temperature support
  4. Built-in features: Five user-defined function keys and 2 watt speaker, and USB host.
  5. Supports auto-adjust light sensor LCD backlight brightness control
  6. Only one cable needed to connect with TREK-5xx series
  7. Wake up/power button on back for easy to wake up/power up; LCD backlight power button
  8. CE/FCC/e13 certified


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