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  Why Use Advantech for Environmental and Facility Management Systems?
Advantech is a proven leader in Environmental Monitoring applications (EMS) and Facility Management Systems (FMS). Now, Advantech’s EFMS combines both to provide value-added systems and solutions through high-volume SCADA and advanced web-based technology. This process now allows users to monitor and operate processes online anytime and any location.
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  Remote I/O & Device Combined with remote I/O modules and video surveillance devices, Advantech’s EFMS provides real-time field data for accurate monitoring and reliable operation in harsh environments.
Robust 8-ch Thermocouple Input Module with Modbus
From Rs.15,568
15-ch Digital I/O Module
From Rs.5,719
8-ch Power Relay Output Module with Modbus
From Rs.11,438
18-ch Isolated Digital I/O Modbus TCP Module
From Call for Price
CIRCUIT MODULE, MPEG 1/2/4 Video ecoder module with Audio(RoHS)
From Call for Price
CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-ch MPEG-4 Video Card w/ SDK
From Rs.17,030
Advantech ActiveDAQ
From Call for Price
  Develop programs for Advantech data acquisition devices using ActiveX controls, simply by setting properties, without the low-level programming.  
  Controllers & Software Bundled with video surveillance software, Advantech’s robust and powerful controllers provide advanced management and real-time monitoring capabilities, fulfilling the needs of hybrid automation applications.
No description available
From Call for price
No description available
From Call for price
No description available
From Call for price
No description available
From Call for price
4-slot PC-based SoftLogic Controller
From Call for Price
16-ch Universal Digital I/O Module
From Call for Price
16-ch Digital Input Modules
From Rs.4,939
16-ch Digital Output Modules
From Rs.5,754
IEC 61131 SoftLogic Control Software
From Call for Price
  Quickly develop PAC platforms for your ADAM-5500KW Series controllers using IEC-61131-3 programming language.  
Remote Maintenance Software
From Call for Price
  Windows-based monitoring and control of Advantech TPC-series, UNO-series, and ADAM-5550 controllers.  
  Industrial Communication Advantech's Industrial Communication products are designed for use in demanding industrial environments, offering unmatched performance, reliability, and value.
2-port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server
From Call for Price
1-port RS-232/422/485 to 802.11b/g WLAN Serial Device Server
From Call for Price
4+2 100FX Port Single Mode Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch
From Rs.29,453
10/100TX to Multi-Mode SC Type Fiber Optic Industrial Media Converter
From Rs.8,258
  Human Machine Interfaces & SCADA With ultra-slim, light, fanless and vibration-resistant designs, Advantech’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) with SCADA provides ideal platform for automation applications and outdoor environments.
No description available
From Call for price
No description available
From Call for price
15" TFT LCD Industrial-grade flat panel monitor with Direct-VGA Port
From Call for Price
17" SXGA Industrial Monitors with Resistive Touchscreens, Direct-VGA, and DVI Ports
From Call for Price
Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software
From Call for Price
  Robust SCADA interoperability enables you to view, control, and configure diverse automation equipment via Internet Explorer.  
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