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Microsoft® SQL Server® for embedded systems is binary identical to Microsoft SQL Server, and is intended for use in embedded solutions consisting of purpose-built hardware running the Windows Embedded Server Operating System and application software. Microsoft SQL Server for Embedded Systems builds on a strong foundation and proven capabilities, providing OEMs with a robust database for their embedded applications deployed on server appliances
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E65-00233 WinSQLSvr 2012 STD OLC 5 Clt
  1. Breakthrough In-memory Performance
  2. Proven, Predictable Performance
  3. High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  4. Enterprise Scalability across Computers, Networking, and Storage
  5. Consistent Data Platform On-premises to Cloud
  6. Corporate Business Intelligence
  7. Access Data in Familiar Tools Like Excel
  8. Scalable Data Warehousing
  9. Data Quality and Integration Services


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