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Data Acquisition & I/O

The Data Acquisition from Advantech features outside the box DAQ solutions including DAQ boards and cards supporting PCIE, PCI and ISA bus, USB DAQ modules, Ethernet data acquisition, and analog to digital conversion. These solutions can be instrumental to supervisory control and measure, including machine monitoring, high speed DAQ, and more.
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RS-232/422/485 COM Port Module
  1. Four RS-232/422/485 and 4x RS-485 peripheral expansion application
  2. 32-bit PCI bus 2.2 Target Signaling Compliance with Plug and Play (PnP) features
  3. 3.3 V & 5 V Universal PCI
  4. Shared IRQ settings for each port
  5. Compliant with Windows® 2000/XP, Linux
  6. Sleep Mode with Automatic Wake-up
  7. Standard PC ports: COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4 compatible


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Jumperless Ethernet PC/104 Module
  1. Automatically detects 8-bit or 16-bit
  2. AUI connector supports external MAUs
  3. Onboard 32 KB buffer for multi-packages


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2-port CAN-bus PCI-104 Module with Isolation Protection
  1. PCI-104 Bus
  2. Operates two separate CAN networks at the same time
  3. High speed transmission up to 1 Mbps
  4. 16 MHz CAN controller frequency
  5. Optical isolation protection of 2,500 VDC ensures system reliability
  6. I/O address automatically assigned by PCI PnP
  7. LED indicated transmit/receive status on each port
  8. Windows DLL library and examples included
  9. Supports high operating temperature (-40 ~ 85° C)
  10. Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Linux


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Isolated Thermocouple Input Module
  1. 1000 VDC, fully isolated
  2. Linearized thermocouple measurement
  3. Flexible DIN-rail mounting
  4. Operates from a single +24VDC
  5. Configurable thermocouple type
  6. Temperature range of 0 to 50°C


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Isolated RTD Input Module
  1. 1000 VDC 3-way optical isolation
  2. Built-in microprocessor
  3. Switch configurable for 0~5 V, 0~10 V or 0~20 mA outputs
  4. Switch configurable Pt and Ni RTD input ranges


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Isolated DC Input/Output Module
  1. 1000 V DC , fully isolated
  2. Easy input/output range configuration
  3. Flexible DIN-rail mounting
  4. Low power consumption, 0.85 W (Voltage Output)
  5. Operates from single +24 VDC
  6. Temperature range 0 to 70°C
  7. Wide input/output range


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Isolated Strain Gauge Input Module
  1. 1000 VDC 3-way optical isolation
  2. Switch configurable mV or V input of full bridge
  3. Switch configurable voltage and current outputs


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Isolated AC Current Input Module
  1. 0 ~ 5 VAC to 0 ~ 5 VDC
  2. AC current measurement
  3. Input impendent: 2 M
  4. 1,000 VDC isolation between output and power
  5. Accuracy: ±0.1% FSR
  6. 2,500 VAC isolation between output and input
  7. Flexible Din-rail mounting
  8. Operates from a single +24V­DC


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DB-9 Wiring Terminal for DIN-rail Mounting
  1. Low cost universal DIN-rail mounting screw terminal module for PC-LabCard™ products with DB9 connect
  2. Case dimensions (W x L x H): 77.5 x 45 x 51 mm (3.1" x 1.8" x 2.0")
  3. To Be Used WithPCI-1714U/UL, PCL-728, PCL-740, PCL-741, PCL-743B, PCL-745B


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